Our Approach

We build life science AI Foundation Models to unmask nature's rules and generate diverse proteins quickly, accurately,
and with limited labeled data.

The Foundation Model

From the sequence and structure of proteins to the behavior of multicellular systems, we are developing AI Foundation Models to understand and predict the behavior of life at multiple scales of complexity.

Our family of Pre-trained Large Language Models is called xTrimo, short for Cross-Modal Transformer Representation of Interactome and Multi-Omics. xTrimo is trained on our curated and proprietary datasets, which include more than 6 billion proteins, 100 billion protein-protein interactions, and trillions of single-cell gene expression measurements from 100+ million cells. Model training is enabled by our world-leading super-computing center and enhanced by our AI-centric, 100,000 sq ft, high-throughput wet labs. xTrimo is the first life science AI Foundation Model to hit 100+ billion parameters and, to date, the largest of its kind.

Task Models

Traditional AI methods require high quantities of labeled data to make accurate predictions. However, in frontier life science tasks, these labeled data are often in short supply. BioMap is revolutionizing the landscape by enabling one Foundation Model to inform multiple downstream task models with limited or even zero data, facilitating generative AI. We are pushing the boundaries of task models across a diverse range of applications, including therapeutic antibodies, industrial enzymes, and denovo designed proteins.

BioMap has launched the Life Science Leaderboard – the first tool that allows users to find and evaluate the performance of various task models for life science. We invite you to browse our ever-growing list of more than 25 task models.

Building Novel Proteins with BioMap

We partner with global leaders from academia and industry to maximize the potential of BioMap’s foundation and task models. Together we innovate solutions to make better, more powerful proteins including:

  • ImmuBot® multifunctional immunotherapy antibodies
  • Next-generation antibodies and biologics against undruggable targets
  • Breakthrough therapeutic proteins for gene, cell, and other new therapies
  • Enzymes and denovo proteins with enhanced properties for industrial applications

Interested in leveraging our task models to deliver novel molecules or building a dedicated task model for your modality based on our foundation models? Contact us at info@biomap.com