Ecological Cooperation

We are committed to working with industry partners to jointly establish a thriving biocomputing ecosystem. Through industrial investments and business collaborations, we will work in collaboration with scientific research teams, new technology companies, and pipeline R&D companies to accelerate the application of biocomputing technology to the R&D of innovative life sciences products.

A strong database partnered with a cooperative alliance will provide crucial support for the pipeline R&D.

Excellence Program

The “Excellence Program” facilitates networks between cutting-edge biotechnology experts, drug development experts and clinical professional teams. The program provides scientific research funding and technical engines, which will support high-quality translational medicine research projects and establish an internationally leading “immune map” for more precision in exploring the complex immune laws of cancer, autoimmune disease, aging, and other illnesses. This will provide an increasingly efficient target mining and drug design.

Cooperative Partners

Clinical Institutions


Ecosystem Investment

BioMap Ventures provides capital and industry empowerment for start-ups in the fields of biotechnology, computing technology, and innovation pipeline R&D. It offers flexible forms of investments, incubation for translational scientific research projects, capital support, and collaborations with outstanding partners to jointly accelerate technological and pipeline development.

BioMap Ventures and its predecessor, Baidu Ventures Biotech Team, have extensive investment and corporate management experience within the fields of biopharmaceuticals and life sciences. Moreover, they have invested in more than 50 early-stage enterprises.